Medal of Honor Warfighter 2012

Medal of Honor Warfighter 2012 Download


An Impressive Sequel of the popular Medal of Honor Game

If you like war games, there's no game that can give you total enjoyment like a video game for a first-person shooter Action. A fast-paced game to test your battling skills, Medal of Honor has released its newest game that you can download, Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is the newest sequel to Medal of Honor that has improved graphically and will keep players engaged on the entire gameplay. In Medal of Honor Warfighter, the goal is to fight terrorists and stop their attacks using various weapons and other new gadgets. Medal of Honor Warfighter gives players a view of what an actual war looks like because it is based on real life US Special Forces experiences.

Play like a real soldier with this action-packed game

Similar to other FPS games like Counter-Strike and call of duty, players can customize their character's appearance in Medal of Honor Warfighter. They can also pick up weapons along the way. Although Medal of Honor Warfighter only has 2 default weapons at first, there will be other special gadgets and weapons available for you as you progress and finish off different types of enemies. Medal of Honor Warfighter is a multiplayer game where a player’s fast thinking skills and ability to work with a team will be put to a test.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is overall an exciting first-person shooter game. This free FPS game works well on Windows machines and boasts of its fun and realistic gameplay. Once you download this awesome game, you can start playing a hero to your country by saving hostages and accomplishing every mission. Medal of Honor Warfighter has a lot to offer aside from improving your shooting skills and war tactics.

Test your battling skills with this free Medal of Honor Warfighter official video game.


  • Improved graphics quality
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Choose from 6 different classes
  • Improves your gaming skills


  • No single player
  • Large file size



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